2016 is truevali's resurrection

As Rain Pours

As the torrential rain clogs the road network of Metro Manila, as people flee to the comfort of crowded shopping malls and establishments providing a false sense of security due to their ambient lighting, as many struggle to get home to their families amidst the incremental flooded pavements alongside beggars swathed in muddy drapery, as the bourgeois waste away inside the comfort of their sedans and SUVs listening to trance music, contemplating the immensity of the traffic situation -- I watch down on them, eerily guessing on each one's motive, as I slice the meat of the generously herbed chicken and sautéed vegetables awaiting the touch of my damp mouth, I feel happy, gluttonously glad. I'm dry.

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As Rain Pours

As Rain Pours

Chef Laudico Guevarra's Buffet Whim

We wanted to clog our arteries with cholesterol and pig out on Filipino food; So we went this one Wednesday night to Chef Laudico Guevarra's on a whim. 

In all fairness, this area of the metro in San Juan has always had this intangible charm and aura of class -- such is the location of this restaurant. I like the area.

The ambiance is certainly grand as an old colonial house was turned into a buffet restaurant. The property corners P Guevarra and Argonne streets, with ample parking spaces inside.

The food is traditional and fusion Filipino cuisine, cooked Ilocano style. Its Eat-all-you-can buffet at PHP 600++ service charge.

We loved the Angus Beef Kare-Kare, the Lechon and the Yema Balls. 

Now, we recommend that you arrive early since the food is already cold when we have arrived 2-hrs after the start of the buffet even though there is still 2-hrs more before the kitchen will have called it a night. You should also call to reserve to be sure you can be seated. Its always a full house in Chef Laudico Guevarra's.

We go back because of that Angus Beef Kare-Kare, yet if not for their perfect location, the restaurant is essentially only a better version of Kamay-Kainan. #justsaying

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Chef Laudico Guevarra's Buffet Whim

Monetize Truevali

We are going to monetize Truevali!

This means we will go mainstream. This also means we would like to make this site some measly moolah. For you this may mean - good bye to the archive of shirtless hunks which you sometimes check on and salivate over on those cold lonely nights with Mary Palmer. Boo, right?!

Damn Google Adsense rules on shirtlessness or soft porn.

Well, things change, people change, memories lost but Jesus Saves. LOL

From this point on though, Truevali will focus more on FOOD, TRAVEL, SHOPPING and some other things we deem funny. Things we usually do best, minus one.

 Truevali reboot! Soon!

You know you will still love it!

-~------------~---~ We shall conquer the world! -~-----------~--~---

Laduree Luxury Macaroons

For you Mac Callister - Laduree Macaroons straight from the Upper East
Side, New York. 20 dollars for 6 assorted pieces :)

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