Movies: Knowing

"Knowing", a film by Alex Proyas, director of the Academy Award winning movie "I, Robot" , takes you to yet another Sci-Fi film that would set you in the edges of your seats. Normally, armageddon-type of films are usually predictable, but "Knowing" provides much needed suspense which is rare in this genre, quite like watching a horror flick.

Superstar Nicolas Cage, the lead actor of the film, has always been fun to watch. But I thought the 1959 school teacher, played by Danielle Carter, played her role very well. I just hope she had more screen time. Rose Byrne, who portrayed Diana Wayland, daughter of the psychic Lucinda, also acted very well. Her death was like a scene from Final Destination.

Truly, one of the best sci-fi films to watch. Below is the snapshot of one of my favorite parts of the film. This one is shocking.

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