Rain in Midsummer Manila

It's raining in Midsummer in Manila. Some avenues are flooded, the streets are wet, the mall and office' entrances are muddy and people have this clammy mood as if its already the start of June.

I dislike this weather, it makes me lazy, depressed and agoraphobic. The ambiance sets you in a downward spiral of sleepiness and inefficiency.

I know it has been sweltering hot these past weeks before it all went rainy, and i thank the rain for extinguishing the sultriness of summer, more so when the heat starts to affect my migraine. Yet, I cannot help but wonder about how I would love to see the sun again. A week of rain is enough for me. So usher in torrents of wonderful sunshine.

Now please Mudder Naytcher, stop the rain and make it go away. I would still love to see the blue skies, as I lay about the sand with my Mindoro sling and Red horse.

You know you hate the rain in summer!

Thanks to Ced Valera for the photos.

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Ferl says
April 24, 2009 at 1:23 AM

not to make kontra, but you know how i love rain dba?! ahihi. enjoy sa pg.

Pura says
April 24, 2009 at 1:43 AM

^^ truevali, i know why you love it... haha.. of course the men are all standing in ovation because of the cold... hahaha...

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