Singapore Hawkers

We stayed in the Jurong East area when we were in Singapore. There we experienced Singapore's community culture, as we discover its hidden secrets.

Now, you may already know that the cost of living in Singapore is higher than here in Manila, so when possible, we grab every chance we have to save our money, in order for us to afford our precious LV's, Gucci's, Prada and even the Calvin Klein's.

So when it comes to food choices, we either just eat at Food Republic when we are out or when we are in Jurong, we eat at hawkers.

We still miss the Hawkers in Singapore. The food are cheap and it tastes good. But I am not sure of that frog meal though, we never tried to order that.. Can i say eeeww? Its so eewwie... haha..

Are there Hawkers in Manila? Sure! Can you say toknene, calameres and isaw?

We still miss Jurong East!

We shall conquer the world!

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