Starbucks Venti To Go Tumbler

KUDOS to Starbucks for another creative up-shot done to realize a dream. The VENTI TO GO TUMBLER.

After coming back from our Bangkok Trip, my sister has been asking about a “venti plastic mug” she saw somewhere in Starbucks Makati. I know its been months, but last week I saw it at Starbucks Shangri-la and planned to buy it. But we had to go somewhere so I decided to have it transferred and reserved near my place (office) instead. And finally last Monday I got it! J

It looks like it can hold a venti but the fact of the matter is you can just put grande in it. Its double walled so you can put in hot drinks as well, but I don’t think people will do that since it really should be for cold bevs. I’m so happy I got it after being able to buy the mug (Pura’s gift to me from the last holidays) Another Starbucks purchase for me and still counting…


Pura says
April 2, 2009 at 11:05 AM

wow, so you bought this na pala using the GC's... yay!! my ate also has this tumbler, she uses it at home and i am so inggit...

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