Boycott Tawag236 promo of Globe Telecom

Ngarag ng Globe!

Ghawd! This really makes me furious. This is not to promote Tawag 236, but rather to discourage it! We all know that Globe Telecom has so many promos right now, there is the DUO, per second 232 charging, 10 pesos for 3 min 235 among others. With Tawag 236, you get 20 minutes for your 20 pesos. This blog entry is for all those urbanistas with the consumable flex plans. Apparently, this freaking promo is not part of the consumable allocation, meaning it's on top of your bill! Well kudos to Globe for including 235 and 232 on their consumable list, but of course, as consumers I think they should also include the 236! It's bad enough that they do not include their roaming charges to their consumable plans (yah I know I don't have a Platinum line, duh!), but major promos like the 236 should be included! Well, sorry for the buzzkill guys, but I think this is a promo that we should boycott. For those who are not in the consumable plans, good job! Enjoy the 236 call, for all I care, but for those who are in the consumable plans, beware! Your bill may skyrocket without you knowing. To think that I was endorsing it before to others! Freak! If I could blog the middle finger to Globe right now, I would!


Pura says
September 16, 2009 at 12:23 AM

omg! that is my bill just went down to 4500 pesos even with the DUO. tsk.. tsk... =|

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