Documentary: The September Issue

Anna Wintour is truly the Queen Bee of Fashion. She is the single most important figure in the $300 Billion fashion industry. The designers listen to her, the industry follows her taste and every whim, and she calls her personal assistants - "Emily". Well, this according to The Devil Wears Prada - a movie inspired from her life.

True enough, another film was conceived because of her. The September Issue, a documentary chronicling Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour's preparations for the 2008 fall-fashion issue - or the September Issue, the major magazine issue for the fashion industry much like a January issue of any other magazine.

Watch the trailer for The September Issue below...

And if by any chance you do not know Anna Wintour, shame on you watch this 60 Minutes feature on Anna Wintour via youtube.

I would super like to watch this film, nay, am dying to watch this docu. Send Truevali a copy please, or I will just scour the interweb for the torrents. ahihi.

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