Guess the Onion Rings?

Can you guess these Onion Rings? Where did I buy 'em? Where did I eat 'em? Click, click to find out...

At Burger King of course.

Burger King here in Manila provides free Wifi to their customers, so we ate there one fine night, as we waited for Ruffa-Anne Gutierrez to arrive.

We missed our girls, since they just came back from Hong Kong and Macau. We were not all present though.

Now, where do you think is this Burger King branch below? Wager a guess? Go!!

The winner gets El Greta Gandanghari for a night! Choz!

You know you love it!

We shall conquer the world!


Ferl says
September 3, 2009 at 5:22 AM

i think we should do battle of the onion rings!Ü im excited!

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