ImmortalTXT by Globe

Tackyness the name!

Here is a new text service of Globe - Immortaltxt. Except for the name, which I think is tacky, I think it is over-all promising.

For PHP 10, you will have 50 text for Globe plus 10 other network. At last, you can now text your Smart friends.

Whats good is that, the free text will never expire. So when you load immortaltxt on top of each immortaltxt, it can accumulate up to 40,000 text messages without expiry.

Compared to UNLITXT, which is PHP 20 pesos for unlimited text for 24 hours, IMMORTALTXT is only PHP 10 for 60 Text messages, without expiry.

Sometimes, it is better if you have pre-paid instead of post-paid, due to such attractive recessionista promos. But then again, I wouldn't give up my phone line that I had since high school.

Just sharing. Anywho, see the FAQ's on the Immortaltxt promo at the link below.

Source: Globe!


INDAY says
September 18, 2009 at 10:34 AM

Immortaltxt sounds nice but I still prefer to continue my plan on subscribing to their iphone 3Gs plan, why?its simply iphone 3Gs with a lot of distinctive features furthermore makakamura ka because they had plan 399 pero you have to cash out pa din for the phone depende lang sa memory.

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