Jonah's Fruitshakes @ Boracay Island


19 Days to go 'till we visit Boracay once again, for our annual Bora trip. Truevali just cannot help but be nostalgic of the good ole Boracay days. So next stop in this remembering Boracay series is our favorite merienda pit stop - Jonah's Fruitshakes. Read more after the jump...

Jonah's is located at Station 1, White Beach in Boracay. (I am not so sure of this addrees, but I will update this info next time)

This is one of our favorite chill-out places, when its about time for some merienda and some mid-afternoon shakes. We love it here since its very near the place we stay and its a beach front establishment with a very good staff. You can even ask the kuya (waiter) to place a lawn chair out for you so you can lounge about the powder-white sands and so you may perfect your tan under the baking sun.

From a survey amongst ourselves, we love these shakes in Jonah's:
  • mango milk
  • choco peanut
  • vanilla milk
  • mango banana milk
By the way, each 500ml glass costs P60-P150. A very affordable and healthy drink to quench your thirst as you while away in Boracay.

Now before we let you go, see some of Ferl's artsy photos of Jonah's Fruitshakes below:

We certainly love Jonah's Fruitshakes. Visit them and order their shakes too.

You know you love it!

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