Kaya Restaurant @ Glorietta

I have been craving for Korean food for a while and since I had no time to get to Makati Avenue, where all the best Korean restaurants are located, I then decided to visit an old favorite in Glorietta. - Kaya Restaurant. The restaurant is a cozy place offering Korean food at reasonable prices.

I ordered Japche at PHP 235. It's sweet potato noodles sauteed with beef & vegetables.


We added Mondeum Mandoo at PHP 250. It is fried and steamed mixed dumplings with pork and beef, much like a siomai but with better stuffing.


My friend ordered Dak Bulgogi, its grilled spicy chicken fillet with rice and some kimchi at PHP 245.


I just love Korean food! Truevali recommends you try it too.

See Kaya Korean Restaurant menu here via Munchpunch!

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