Lala Nights: Adarna Food and Culture, Kalayaan

Some few nights ago, we all convened in QC for a long night of talk regarding matters of a friend's hasty heart. We choose to dine at Adarna Food and Culture. What a campy name I know, yet the restaurant offerings, its food, service and ambiance, does not have a campy bone indeed. Read more after the jump...


The restaurant is located along Kalayaan Avenue near the Quezon City Hall. Take Eliptical Road and turn right to Kalayaan Ave. Go straight ahead till you see the well-lit signage of Adarna Food and Culture. Locators that will tell you that you are approaching the restaurant is Eunilane Grocery to your left if you came from Eliptical Rd; and, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) to your right if you came from Kamias Rd via EDSA.

Food Taste Verdict

Now, we ordered light, for once...

Grilled Chicken Breast Fillet: PHP 314.
Smoky, juicy chicken breast grilled with bacon and stuffed with pepper kesong puti boursin and mango salsa. Adarna plays out all flavors in good all Pinoy taste.

Gising-Gising: PHP 168.
Grilled pork belly strips simmered till tender in coconut milk flavored with chili bagoong and crunchy kangkong is great on top of hot rice and divine paired with grilled fish. This dish hits the spot!

Sigarillas Salad: PHP 140.
Adapted from a salad served by the long-time cook of the convent school. Light and refreshing winged beans, onion and tomato dressed in a citrus vinaigrette and sprinkled with Ilocano bagnet bits.

Gulaman at Sago: PHP 62.
Red cubes of jiggling gulaman with tapioca sweetened by brown sugar caramel in iced pandan water. One of the all-time forbidden childhood street delights! Worth getting a spanking for

The menu was not presented very well. Printed in tacky bond paper and icky folders. We suggested though that they fix this to be at par with the classic ambiance of the place.

The food was plated nicely, yet it just tasted so-so. True, that it tasted quite normal. But we are expecting much from a Fusion Filipino Cuisine restaurant that has such a magnificent interior decor. It could've been better, even the Sago't Gulaman tasted like plastic. Anyhow, we give them a Truevali Food Rating of 2 out of 5 cupcakes.

Magnifique Ambiance

A place you would come back to just to look at the antique decor and the wonderful art. The house was inspired from the colonial era and was maintained very well by the owners till they turned it into this gorgeous restaurant.

Truly, this place will invite you to stay for hours as the ambiance exude an intellectual aura that will compel you to engage in a conversation with friends for hours on end.

See some artsy photos that our resident artsy fartsy photographer, Ferl, took...

We give Adarna Food and Culture a 5 out of 5 cupcakes for the gorgeous interior decor.

Now the conclusion. Gow!

Now, if not for this gorgeous place and interior design eye candies, we will surely not come back and eat here again, even if the price of the food is below PHP 500 per plate. Yet, in all fairness, we will surely come back to Adarna Food and Culture to sample everything they have in their menu, for justice sake.

We give Adarna a 3 out of 5 Truevali cupcake rating. Try it too, and maybe, you can prove us wrong.

You know you love it!

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