Lala Nights: Sumo Sam @ Shangri-la

Last Night we went Lala Aunor at Sumo Sam in Shangri-La Mall. A hilarious bit - we actually saw the real Marjorie Barreto and daughter dining at the same restaurant, just few tables away from us. Let me tell you honestly that the becky in us so want to take Marjorie's photo with look-alike Ferlilou Baretto - that would have been fun. But the up-there sosyalera chorva in us, cannot handle such descent from our self-made pedestals (lol). So, moving on, let's discover what we ordered in one of our favorite restos - Sumo Sam. Read more after the jump...

We love Sumo Sam, so we decided that we shall have our Monday dinner for this last night of the long weekend in Manila.

M ordered the Salmon Belly Teriyaki with rice for PHP 195 pesos. It actually tastes good, well, all teriyaki tastes swell more so when its grilled bbq'd to perfection. Yum!

Ferl and L ordered the usual Don Buri favorite -Katsudon. Price: PHP 165. Of course, it tastes very good. But did you know that the rotisseries at SM groceries cater the same tasting Katsudon for only PHP 55. The recessionista in you might go on and wonder. O' well, to each his own.

Well, we only love eating at restaurants for mainly three reasons, 1) It is air-conditioned. 2) There are waiters and 3) The waiters are cuteness galore! Yum! Ok! moving on...

I ordered the classic Chicken Teriyaki Plate for PHP 155. The salad was delish and the chicken was tender and sweet. Loved anything chicken as usual! There are just too much carbs in this plate though.

And for sharing we ordered the Smoked Salmon Roll and the California Roll. I must say that the ingredients used in Sumo Sam rolls are better in quality than the ones used in Teriyaki Boy or Omakase. So it tastes better. However, the wasabi mayo and the complimentary traditional soy sauce dip is just so-so. The wasabi mayo is mixed very well in Omakase as compared to the ones used here in Sumo Sam.

But all in all, it tasted very good. With Red and Green Iced Teas for everyone, the bill was just at PHP 1600.

We love eating at Sumo Sam, so we recommend you eat here too.

You know you love it!

See: Sumo Sam's Menu at Munchpunch!

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Ferl says
September 2, 2009 at 8:28 AM

it was really fun looking at marjorie and seeing myself, i must admit, i considered asking her for a photo op but nah!! its better to have only one marjorie...Ü cheers!

Pura says
September 2, 2009 at 1:13 PM

true. but i was super tempted to approach her too. it would've made a very awesome spotted. one of the reasons why its very nice to go to shang. take note, we saw ate gelli de belen too. charming, looks like our gorgeous tranny friend though.

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