Link the Chicas: Pancit Palabok Recipe

"Linking the Chicas, as Truevali commentelavoo"
  • Panlasang Pinoy offers a Palabok Recipe. Truevali is famished, as I write this at 5am, hmm, thinking of making some of these for breakfast.

  • Famewatcher is watching Mario Lopez' Bubble Butt. Truevali want some Mario Lopez in the morning. Drool!

  • Chuvaness do charity from her blog. Truevali is loving Chuvaness' each day. Let's all do charity and buy everyone some Prada! Yay!

  • Anton Diaz had breakfast at Alexandre. Truevali want some Breakfast Bonjour too. Loving the resto and loving Alexandre too. Hot!

  • Becky Superstar, Bryanboy, hits InStyle. Truevali loves the successful baklita!

  • Bagaholicboy bags the Mulberry Daria Keyring. Truevali is loving bagaholicboy's shala-ness of taste. Go Bakla!

  • Socialite Life has the Newest New Moon poster. Truevali has just seen this, so fail, but yay!

  • Gizmodo dissects Ipod Touch! Truevali just loves men who can tear things up, but interesting bit about the gadget there.

  • Our blogger friend, Chyng, got a Dicapac for FREE! Truevali loves it. Will someone send us some free LV baggelyas fort then? Curious...

2 Responses to "Link the Chicas: Pancit Palabok Recipe" (Leave A Comment)

Anonymous says
September 14, 2009 at 10:27 PM

Pagkabukas ko eto ang bumungad sa kin...bat ganun? sinadya ba talagang panginigin ako? -- geled

Pura says
September 14, 2009 at 10:32 PM

ibig sabihin daw gel, magdaka ka daw ng pancit palabok sa birthday ni fin! haha...

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