The Long Weekend is Over Manila

Withchelin Trudis!

The long weekend is over, as I ponder the realities along a cafe at the breezy San Miguel by the Bay area in Mall of Asia. (All SM malls have Wifi now, you know)

I reckon that the past weekend has been very fruitful for the finglisuperstars. We went to see so many old friends, ate in many restaurants together and shared new chicas in our lives.

We love Manila. We choose to live here with all its charms and witching attributes, for as cliche as it is - there is no place like home (queue clanking ruby red flats).

But the travel excitement is brewing, as we anticipate our annual Boracay Trip this last week of September. For now, we are missing the powder white sands, the crystal blue waters amidst a backdrop of cobalt blue skies, a vision that commands a sense of contentment, serenity, peacefulness. We miss the milk shakes of Jonah's and the sultry men of Cocomanga's.

So much drama, yet I love it! We thank you dear becky fans for visiting us at Truevali! Thanks and keep on ogling at the hot men Reading!

You know you love it!

Photo: skyscrapercity!

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