Love Taylor Swift, Love Erika David!


Just finished watching the whole of the VMA's, nakakaloka lang ng venggang-vengga what Kanye West did to Taylor Swift last MTV Video Music Awards 2009. What is with all the public outbursts nowadays? Is there a new drug out in the market that makes people suffer Turret Syndrome? Kalorka! Anyway this is not about that incident. This is really about how I am coming to love Taylor Swift's music and how we are liking Erika David, a Fil-Am singer, who is gaining popularity on youtube. See videos we love of Taylor and a cover of You Belong With Me by Erika David after the jump...

Taylor's Crazier. Loved this when I saw Hannah Montana the movie (ooops dyahe pare), rather when I stumbled upon this on youtube.

Taylor Swift's White Horse.

Taylor Swift's official music video of Love Story.

Here is Teardrops on my Guitar. My bebe loves this.

Taylor Swift's You Belong with Me.

Now, here is Erika David's cover of You Belong with Me. Truevali likey! start at 1:07, to skip some of Erika's chikka. See more of her videos at her channel.

You know you love it!

We shall conquer the world!

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