Music: Whitney Houston - I Look to You Album

She's Back?!

Our mother superior of karaoke birit galore, Whitney Houston, is back with a new album - I Look to You.

New single, Million Dollar Bill, is catchy but its still has to get me convinced that its a great album to buy. Well, I was not really a fan of the tune.

But revival song, A Song For You, is one rendition to rave about. Some minutes after the mellow of the song, comes a riveting rave, reminiscent of dance hit revival songs. This one I loved.

Though I also loved the cover single - I look to You. Upon hearing this, I knew that she is definitely back in the birit spotlight.

Alicia Keys, R. Kelly and Akon are one of the few stars who helped make this album into reality. So let's hear it for Whitney and decide for yourself if the power diva is really back. See her videos after the jump...

You know you love it!

We shall conquer the world!


truevali says
September 2, 2009 at 8:32 PM

bettymae ko yung I look to you. power ni ate whitney!

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