Shocking Expose of Ping over Yuchengco-Erap Scare

Another hullabaloo on the House of the Senate, wherein Ping Lacson has exposed yet another shocking revalation, now regarding the alleged misuse of power of the former President Erap Estarda to force businessman, Alfonso Yuchengco, to transfer rights of his 2,017,650 PLDT common shares via Philippine Telecommunications Investment Corporation (PTIC) Holdings to to Metro Pacific Investments Corp (MPIC). Shocking, indeed.

Here is what the people involved have to say via Truevali correspondents...


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Seriously, some of these Senators do not really know what their privileged speech must be all about. We care about these expose, do not get me wrong. Justice must be served, as cliche as it is. Yet if these exposes will be the subject of every senator's speech, then we can no longer bear it. It will come to a point that we, the people, are no longer concernered of such trivial politicking, albeit apathetic to a cause that was primarily honorable before it got stained by some needless and ridiculous popularity ruse.

We are tired! We know Erap is guilty! We will no longer heed his command! We realize that he was a corrupt president, thus we reckon that he served his time and was pardoned by the current administration. So what is the point of this expose? You are already popular!

News: ABS-CBN!

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