Teriyaki Boy: Surf n' Turf & Crazy California Rolls

As promised, we will review all the Teriyaki Boy Crazy Rolls. So, last Saturday we sampled on the Surf n' Turf Roll and the Crazy California Roll. See our review after jump...

We also ordered the San Fran Crunch Crazy Roll, but it was already reviewed here.

The Surf n' Turf Roll was really a treat. The crab and chicken combination was scrumptious, add to that was the wasabi dressed fish roe that was sprinkled at the rolls' exterior. Actually, that wasabi fish roe was the one making this crazy roll look green.

I must say among all the fusion rolls I have tasted in Teriyaki Boy, this would be one of the winners. With wasabi mayo and kikoman, this roll tastes great. Truevali recommends you order this crazy roll.

The California Crazy Roll is yet another, FAIL! The crabstick, watermelon and orange is the roll's filling, with orange and green fish roe at the roll's exterior. It looked good but tasted so-so. It is just like any other california maki, and the sushi was rolled up so thick that it was hard to eat.

Well, it is not actually bad! But for the name it was given, we thought it would be the best. Truevali recommends you skip this one, to save you some bucks.

You know you love it!

We shall conquer the world!

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